This information courtesy of American Machinery Dealers Association

As is: Machine offered in its present condition with no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied.

Where is: Machine offered where presently located with all costs of removal to be borne by the purchaser. The seller should specify where the machine is located.

C & F: Cost including Carriage & Freight. Insurance is the responsibility of the buyer.

C.I.F.: Cost including Carriage Insurance & Freight.

F.A.S.: Freight alongside ship. All freight paid to bring machine alongside ship.

F.O.B.:Free on board. Properly loaded in a manner acceptable to common carrier. The seller must specify if machine is offered f.o.b. (cars or trucks).

F.O.L.: Free on Lorry--on road vehicle to be mutually agreed upon.

F.O.R.:Free on Rail. All costs paid to bring machine aboard railway vehicle.

Sight Draft Bill of Landing: Shipping documents demanding evidence of payment in full prior to unloading.

Skidded: Machine fitted with suitable runners and cross pieces acceptable to commercial carriers.

New: Machine never used and never installed for service.

Unused: Machine never installed for service.

Overhauled: Machine restored to serviceable condition and checked under power.

Rebuilt (U.S.A.): Machine completely disassembled all worn or broken parts replaced excessive wear compensated for, tested under power, and subject to standard 30-day guarantee.

Rebuilt (European): Machine completely stripped bearing surfaces re machined and worn or broken parts replaced where necessary The machine guaranteed to original limits of accuracy.

Reconditioned: Worn or broken parts replaced where necessary: machine adjusted for accuracy to stated limits and checked under power.

Inspection Under Power: Machine electrically connected for demonstration to representative or buyer.

First Refusal: First refusal is a hold for a clearly specified time during which seller is obligated to offer first right of purchase for immediate acceptance to holder of first refusal against any other purchaser.

Option: Option is a hold on machine for a clearly specified time during which seller cannot accept an order for machine except from holder of option.